Minor bugfix update 2022-04-13

Hi all, I've just uploaded a minor bugfix update.


  • Tweak puzzle Open 5
  • Change puzzle Challenge 35 due to the solution relying on a bug which has since been fixed. (whoops!)
  • Add settings to disable player eye movement, and to disable mouse click zooming


  • Set permission bit on mac build so hopefully you can now run it manually outside of the itch.io app
  • Builds are now uploaded through itch.io's butler tool
  • For custom levels, make Unity editor project export level files consistently using periods instead of commas (if your operating system is set to a locale which uses commas in decimal numbers, please use this new version)
  • Minor bugfixes

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Hi there.  Mac version 7.0 seems to be corrupted.  I'm trying to install it on a MacBook Air (M1, 2020)

Hi. Sorry you've hit this issue. There is a workaround which is launching the game from the itch.io launcher app. Or there are some command-line commands you can run, which are detailed in this forum thread.

Ok. Thanks.